Can you get Pregnant with Your Tubes Tied?






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Having your tubes tied is intended to be a permanent way to prevent pregnancy from occurring. This is a procedure where doctors will severe the fallopian tubes. This makes it impossible for the eggs to travel through them and into the uterus. If the eggs cannot reach the uterus, they will not be able to come in contact with sperm so that they can become fertilized.

If you have had your tubes tied, there is something you can do to reverse the procedure. Unfortunately, this means you will need to have surgery to reattach the fallopian tubes. Sometimes, the tubes are damaged beyond repair or are too short to reattach.

Having-your-tubes-tied-is-intended-to-be-a-permanent-way-to-prevent-pregnancy-from-occurringFor women in this situation, they will need to rely on a procedure like in-vitro fertilization to become pregnant. With this procedure, women are able to use donor eggs and sperm to become pregnant. These items are taken and fertilized in a lab. They can then be inserted directly into the uterus of the woman looking to become pregnant.

This is an expensive procedure, but it is one way a woman with tied tubes will be able to become pregnant. Unfortunately, this is one of the only options available when you are trying to conceive with your tubes tied.

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