Can I get Pregnant with Uterine Fibroids?






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Uterine fibroids are some of the most common issues that women can face. They can surface at any point in time, but are extremely common during a woman’s child-bearing years. Usually, women who have uterine fibroids, don’t see a change in their ability to become pregnant.

However, there are some instances when these items do cause infertility problems. For example, it is possible that they could grow in such a way to effect the ovaries’ ability to produce healthy eggs on a consistent basis. This could mean that the woman is not ovulating or that when she does, the egg is not healthy enough to become fertilized.

women-who-have-uterine-fibroids-dont-see-a-change-in-their-ability-to-become-pregnantThere are a number of ways that fibroids can be treated. For the most part, it is usually not necessary to do so. Some women, however, may struggle to conceive when they are in place and need medical treatment to have them removed. Surgery is one option, but some women can also rely on medication to help with this situation.

In many instances, women are able to take medication that will help them regulate their hormones so that their bodies can produce healthy eggs and release them on a regular basis. Your exact course of treatment will depend on your exact situation and what you and your doctor feel is best for the situation.

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