Can I get Pregnant while on Period?






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It’s not really that common for women to get pregnant while they are on their period. Usually, they become pregnant a couple of weeks before this. The period is actually the body’s response to not becoming pregnant during the month.

Every month, the body will release an egg into the uterus in the hopes of it becoming fertilized. If it does become fertilized, the egg will need to attach to the uterine lining in the uterus. Because of this, the body must build up the uterine lining over the course of the month.

Its-not-really-that-common-for-women-to-get-pregnant-while-they-are-on-their-periodIf the egg does not become fertilized, it will expire and the uterine lining will shed. This shedding is the monthly menstrual cycle or period that women go through. For most women, it will be a couple of weeks after their period before they ovulate again. However, not every cycle works the same. Some women have a much shorter or longer cycle than this.

For women with a short cycle, it is possible for them to become pregnant if they have sex while on their period. This is possible because sperm can live for a few days before it dies. If the woman ovulates soon after her period, this sperm could fertilize the egg and cause her to become pregnant.

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