How to Treat a Children’s Fever






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Children develop a fever for many different reasons, but for the most part you can treat them at home. It is important to note that a fever is not the illness itself but rather a sign that an infection is being fought by your child’s body. The fever is part of the body’s way of fighting off the infection.

The first thing that you should do when your child has a fever is to give them a lukewarm bath. This can help to bring their body temperature back to a normal range quickly. A sponge bath or cool wet cloths can also be very helpful.

fever-is-not-the-illness-itself-but-rather-a-sign-of-an-infectionYou should also refrain from putting thick clothes or covering them in a large blanket because this can make them warmer. Instead, dress them in just a diaper or in light pajamas instead. You should also increase the amount of liquids that they are drinking so that they will not become dehydrated.

Rest is also a crucial part of treating a child’s fever. Your child’s body needs this rest so that it will have the strength it needs to fight the infection that is causing the infection. Rest is also a great way to treat the side effects that go along with the illness and will help keep the child comfortable.

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